eKeiretsu IT-Sampo. Just add your business.

Ekeiretsu IT-Sampo

eKeiretsu IT-Sampo. Just add your business.

Business Cloud

Technology independent cloud service development ecosystem

Better quality of products or services

  • Business Cloud contains a ready-made environment. The features of this environment are utilized constantly in production
  • The best services and products from the market are integrated into the service
  • The ready-made platform independent ecosystem does not break the existing architecture, and enables the utilization of all suppliers

More revenue

  • Implement new services quickly and with a customer-oriented approach
  • Bring new, functional services to the market for testing (minimum viable product, MVP)
  • Engage various parties to development from the beginning – the right products to the market

Smaller costs and cost savings

  • A complete product / service development ecosystem enables bigger savings when building new products and/or services
  • Innovative pricing models based on continuous service
  • Colliding various suppliers, products, services and ideas


  • Quick and agile time-to-market with a prefabricated ecosystem
  • As much as 80% of the new services already complete before starting
  • Commit the appropriate parties right from the beginning with the ecosystem and launch your products to the market

Risks minimized

  • The ecosystem and its features are utilized in the market constantly
  • You do not dommit to one supplier, you can choose freely your suppliers
  • A cost-effective way to launch products, financial risks minimized

Get to know our SaaS services

Power Contract

Contract misplaced?

Are you lost in a metaword jungle?

By deploying the next generation Power Contract service, you will save costs, minimize risks and take the follow-up of the lifecycle of your contracts and agreements to the next level.



Save time, effort and money by choosing HankintaSampo as your procurement tool.

With HankintaSampo’s intelligent services you can follow-up your tenders in real-time.



Can a procurement ERP be intelligent?

Deploy eKeiretsu’s P-ERP in which all manual processes have been automated into intelligent data processes, real-time information follow-up and utilization of data.

Match Making

How to match automatically the needs and supply of labor force?

Match Making makes know-how visible! The services matches employers and employees effortlessly by automating manual processes.