Kaira Analytics – Boost your business with the power of artificial intelligence

Verbal data analytics

✔ An innovative and effortless way to analyze files

✔ The opposite of traditional data analysis using complex charts

✔ You just need to know what to ask, and you’ll get an answer – quickly and easily

Easy data utilization and analysis

  • ✔ My files – Importing your own data into the service and verbal data analytics
    ✔ Open data – Easy discovery of open data and verbal data analytics

Kaira AI

  • ✔ An AI-based tool designed for modern verbal data analytics
  • ✔ Upload your files to the service or use existing files within the service as the basis for your analyses
  • ✔ Quick visualizations of your analyses

Business Twin

  • ✔ Helps make business decisions predictable and clear
  • ✔ An easy-to-use, AI-based digital twin for businesses that combines, simulates, and visualizes business data to provide tailored solutions to your needs
  • ✔ You get a visual representation of the impact of your decisions and the ability to simulate different scenarios

Kaira Low BI

  • ✔ An easy-to-use reporting tool that allows you to create reports effortlessly and easily
  • ✔ No need for deep programming knowledge
  • ✔ Easily and quickly share analyzes within your company