Tool for Modern, AI-Assisted Prospecting – No More Manual, Time-Consuming, and Inaccurate Prospecting

Kaira Analytics is an innovative tool for the new age, designed to accurately find B2B prospecting target groups that match the client’s needs based on their parameters. The service’s AI-based engine frees users from manual work – just think of the keywords you need to form your target group. Kaira Analytics creates a seller’s information package for the found companies, allowing the seller to make the final choice of which companies from the target group to approach. Up-to-date contact information for the target groups is also retrieved automatically.

With Kaira Analytics, you can:

  • Focus on defining your target group and the parameters to find it.
  • Save time and money in a typically time-consuming process – let Kaira do the work accurately and cost-effectively for you.
  • Form seller information packages for the found target groups with AI assistance, tailored to your needs.
  • Enrich your own target groups with the help of Kaira Analytics.

Kaira Analytics saves time and money and, for the first time, makes B2B prospecting precise and cost-effective.