We implemented modern AI-assisted B2B prospecting for a new-age corporate air travel provider.

LYGG wanted to quickly and efficiently find companies that would need LYGG’s flight services for their new route Helsinki – Linköping – Örebro.

First, we selected a target group of 900 companies from our database of all Finnish companies using the parameters provided by LYGG.
We then used Kaira Analytics’ AI-assisted search engine to identify companies in this target group that might need LYGG’s services.
Finally, for the approximately 400 companies identified, we used Kaira Analytics to automatically retrieve contact details for the desired decision-makers.
Kaira Analytics also created AI-assisted seller information packages for each company in the target group, making it easier to review the identified companies and reducing manual work.

Below is an image showing the process progression and estimated time and resource savings:

Global Head of Sales Katja Vainio LYGG:

eKeiretsu’s Kaira service has been a dream tool for a startup like LYGG. In our B2B sales efforts, we look for companies operating in both Finland and Sweden near the airports we fly between. While we can manually find large companies relatively easily, searching for SMEs has been very laborious and time-consuming, as we want to do targeted sales work precisely due to our limited resources.

With the Kaira service, we were able to eliminate manual steps and free up time for our sales team to focus on actual customer contact. Through Kaira, we not only obtained an excellent lead list but also significantly more contacts based on our parameters. We particularly appreciated the service’s excellent flexibility and iterative collaboration during the process. A month’s worth of manual work was condensed into an hour with Kaira, enabling us to launch a marketing campaign to a large and precisely targeted audience in a day.

Kaira saved us both time and money, and we will definitely use it again as we open new destinations.

Katja Vainio / LYGG / Global Head of Sales

Katja Vainio
Global Head of Sales
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