AugmentIQ – A tool for retrieving structured financial statement and business information. The tool converts document-based financial statements from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) into structured, easily usable data for the user.

Business Twin – Kaira Analytics’ AI-assisted tool for analyzing and simulating various parts of a company’s business operations. The service uses data found from open sources about the company, combines it with real-time information provided by the user, and simulates the situation based on the numbers.

Data – Information stored in a database that can be easily retrieved, modified, combined, added, etc.

Structured verbal data processing – Processing database-based information with AI-assisted verbal data analytics.

Structured data – The opposite of document-based manual data processing. Data transferred from a document into a database, which can be retrieved, modified, combined, and processed in ways that the user needs.

Structured financial statement processing – Enables quick and automatic checks of key figures. Automatic organization of companies based on key figures. Enrichment of business target groups with company key figures.

Unstructured data – Document-based information. See: Manual, document-based data processing.

Kaira AI – Kaira’s own AI-assisted business assistant. It allows you to request analyses of financial statements, ask pre-prepared questions about other business challenges, or pose open-ended questions.

Kaira’s Open Data – An open data search engine that performs AI-assisted analysis of the information. The user automatically gets an understanding of, for example, the contents of a statistic and can then take it into their own use. The data taken into use is transferred to “My Files,” where it can be processed as structured data.

Kaira Analytics My Files – The place where user-specific magic happens. You can retrieve the desired information for structured data processing, such as companies’ financial statements and business groups, directly through Kaira. You can also add your own target groups and enrich their data using Kaira.

Kaira AI – Kaira Analytics uses the best AI services in the industry through an automatic connection (API). Kaira Analytics does not transmit the customer’s own data to the AI but constructs data processing without data transmission.

Manual, document-based data processing – This refers to the current method of retrieving financial statements in PDF format from the PRH service. Inaccurate, time-consuming, human-made, and expensive.

Verbal data analytics – The opposite of traditional rigid processing that requires programming and mathematical skills. An AI-assisted way to retrieve, organize, and modify data in one’s own language and words.

Text intelligence – A combination of AI and verbal data analytics. A service that retrieves pre-formulated and user-needed information.