In collaboration with Rainmaker Oy, we developed a tool within the Kaira Analytics service to meet the needs of a modern, large sales and customer service company for searching B2B target groups, enriching data, creating seller information packages, and generating up-to-date contact information.

The collaboration with Rainmaker, especially with Henri Forss, was smooth and highly rewarding from the beginning. Based on Rainmaker’s needs, we developed an entirely new AI-assisted method to enrich and search for business target groups.

We received valuable insights from them on what a modern sales organization needs and how processes should be automated. The service excels in handling large data volumes and automatically finding the right target groups and producing the necessary information.

As a result of this collaboration, we developed features in the Kaira Analytics tool that are now available to all our customers who engage in sales and prospecting.

Below is an image of the information package automatically and AI-assistedly generated for the seller:

Henri Forss, Sales and Development Director at Rainmaker:

As the Sales and Development Director of Finland’s largest organization providing sales and customer service staffing solutions, I am constantly seeking innovative applications that can improve and automate our services and enhance our sales processes. The collaboration with eKeiretsu Oy has been a positive and beneficial experience for our team. Their advanced service for enriching and forming B2B target groups with AI-assisted retrieved data has significantly increased our efficiency and competitiveness in offering our services to customers.

From the outset, eKeiretsu demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs by developing automated target group search and formation. Whether the original data came from our own systems or their extensive database, they ensured that the enriched target groups and their contact information were created accurately and quickly.

One standout feature of the service is its ability to refine target groups based on specific criteria, such as customer parameters, target company size, industry, and business model.

In summary, eKeiretsu has developed a next-generation intelligent solution that brings a completely new dimension to B2B prospecting. Their commitment to utilizing AI for data enrichment and automatic collection of critical business information has not only saved us time but also provided deeper insights into our target markets. I highly recommend eKeiretsu’s services to any organization looking to enhance their B2B prospecting and business data collection with innovative and data-driven solutions.

Henri Forss
Sales and Development Director
Rainmaker Group Oy

Tel.: +358  50 3909829